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Welcome to Apple Trees, this site is fanatical about anything to do with apples and apple trees. Our fanaticism started when we planted our dwarf apple tree in our small back garden. Gradually, this became an obsession and to cut a long story short, we bought some land and started our own orchard.

To say our apple trees are our passion would be an understatement. We will be gradually adding lots of photos and apple trees articles, including growing apple tree guides, guide on dwarf apples trees, apple recipes, apple tree growing and much more!

You will be able to buy apple trees here also! Apple trees for sale around the UK will be listed, as will review guides and how to buy apple trees.

As the leaves turn resplendent with oranges and hues of gold and red, autumn is upon us and we’ve already had a bumper pick of our beloved orchard.

Yes, 2015 has been one of the better years for this wholesome fruit. Last year most of our varieties seemed to be having something of a rest, but they’ve bounced back and then some this year! The best were the Braeburn and Royal Gala trees. We ate our fill and then some right off the tree and still have more than we know what to do with! Plenty of Bramleys have featured in our desserts and crumbles lately too. Be sure to check out some of our tasty apple recipes.

Of course, the ones that don’t get eaten need a bit of thought to insure they don’t go to waste (although the blackbirds certainly love them!). Look out for our upcoming posts on how to dehydrate apples for storage. If you fancy a bit of a tipple then cider making is a great hobby too that we’d also love to share ideas on.

Until next time, enjoy your apple trees!

Do you think I can grow a dwarf peach tree on the side of my house. Im planning on fanning it along my southern wall. Are there going to be problems with my house/foundation or the tree itself?

Fun Free Gardening Game?

Apple Trees - Q&A

I already tried Garden Party World.
Is there any fun gardening game? Please don’t suggest facebook gardening games. I’m at China for vacation and the laptop my cousin has is super slow and doesn’t work for facebook and stuff.
o_o i just got bored -.- don’t make a big deal outta it 😛 and i dunt like fighting games; not including runescape tho

Zen Gardens?

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we have a project to do and we had to create a zen garden using a shoebox, sand, and rocks. so why were the Zen Gardens so peaceful?

I have a ten year old peach tree and half of the trees limbs are leafless, but the other half bears fruit

Chea Pots for gardening ?

Apple Trees - Q&A

Where a place where I could get good pots but cheap and a bunch of other gardening stuff for my mom

does olive garden in lufkin texas take reservations?

Busch Gardens……?

Apple Trees - Q&A

What is ur favorite ride at Busch Gardens Africa…and why???

I’m a newbie in gardening. I built a 10ft x 10ft box in the garden to plant vegetables in. I asked the lawnmower guy to fill up the box with topsoil. He packed it with mulch! What do I do now? do I have to empty the whole box and replace with topsoil or just put the topsoil on top of the mulch? HELP please!

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We lived in Saudi Arabia for five years in the early eighties, in a two story concrete town house. Had a small area outside the dining room where we planted...

looks much better this year for CA water

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